48V-15AH Electric Scooter Lithium Battery


Leading Wholesale 48v 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery

Long View exports the world’s best Wholesale 48v 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery for enhanced performance and longevity. The 48-Volt 15AH, 15000mAh lithium battery pack works for 350W, 500W, 750W, and 1000W electric bicycle scooters. 

It has a good discharge count, of which 30 A is the maximum continuous discharge current. To ensure a long life, the battery is fitted with a 25A BMS protection board and a fuse to prevent over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuits. 

Purchase our bulk batteries for commercial and household purposes. These lithium production and supply makes us the best provider to scooter and bike market. Moreover, they are also capable of using efficiently for solar applications and other uses.

Superior 48v 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery

Using our superior 48v 15Ah lithium battery will improve the performance and range of your electric scooter. With its remarkable energy capacity, this powerhouse allows you to cruise farther between charges.

This battery is the ideal option for your electric scooter because of the following reasons:

  • Extended Range: You may explore more and have longer adventures since the 15Ah capacity allows you to go farther on a single charge.
  • Lightweight Design: Your electric scooter will operate at its best and most efficiently thanks to lithium technology, which keeps battery weight down.
  • Long-lasting Durability: This battery has a prolonged lifespan and is protected from overcharging and overheating thanks to its construction with premium materials and a Battery Management System (BMS).
  • Strong Performance: Easily powers the motor of your electric scooter with a steady 48-volt supply, ensuring a smooth ride.

Waterproof Electric Scooter Lithium Battery in Bulk 

48v 30Ah electric scooter lithium battery is a waterproof electric scooter lithium battery for a positive outcome. The battery pack’s outside PVC material is waterproof and possesses wear, corrosion, and insulating-resistant qualities. 

The benefits of the inner layer include low melting point, good adhesion, watertight sealing, and more. The battery is shielded from overcharging and over discharging by the BMS. Prior to shipment, every lithium battery has completed QC aspect and function testing. 

All our lithium batteries are of top-grade which functions and lasts for long. They offer faster charging times as the lithium technology minimizes downtime by enabling faster charging than conventional lead-acid batteries.

They are eco-friendly by reducing the impact on the environment, and lithium batteries are a more sustainable option. Moreover, this battery may work with a range of electric scooter brands, depending on the model. 

Contact Long-View China Ebike Lithium Battery Supplier and Manufacturer

Our distributor of wholesale 48v 15Ah electric scooter lithium battery provides a top-notch experience of buying with wholesale productions. This not only provides a quality product but also saves shipment costs. Shop for a 48v 15Ah electric scooter lithium battery with the numerous 48v 15ah battery’s promos. Buyers can conveniently obtain all the necessities from the convenience of quality scooter performance. 

Long View also offers bulk shipments for a reasonable amount. So, if your business enjoys finding a good deal on batteries, you’ve arrived at the perfect spot. With the large range of batteries, don’t forget to return every day for fresh updates. 

When purchasing batteries online, it’s crucial to always be on the lookout for deals and discounts. Don’t delay, and get the best lithium batteries from us right away! We make sure to send a FREE quote and quality products for international buyers.


Q: What makes the 48V 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery a reliable choice for ebike?

A: The 48V 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery is craft using advanced lithium-ion technology, known for its high energy density and long lifespan. This battery offers consistent power output, ensuring smooth acceleration and reliable performance for electric scooters. With its robust construction and advanced battery management systems, it delivers exceptional reliability, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures.

Q: How long can the 48V 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery last on a single charge?

A: The 48V 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery boasts a capacity of 15Ah, providing ample energy for extended rides. The exact range per charge will depend on various factors, including the scooter’s weight, terrain, riding style, and speed. Generally, this battery can power electric scooters for a significant distance, making it suitable for urban commuting and other commercial applications.

Q: Is the Electric Scooter Lithium Battery compatible with all electric scooter models?

A: It  is design to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of electric scooter models. However, it is always recommend to check the specifications and compatibility requirements of your specific scooter model before making a purchase. This ensures optimal performance and compatibility between the battery and the scooter’s electrical system.

Q: How can I place a wholesale order for the 48V 15Ah Electric Scooter Battery?

A: To place a wholesale order for the 48V-15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery, please reach out to our dedicated sales team through our website or contact information provided. Our team will assist you with the ordering process, provide you with competitive pricing options, and guide you through any specific requirements you may have.


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