48v 30Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery


Wholesale 48v 30Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery

For all 48V electric scooters around the world, our wholesale 48v 30Ah electric scooter lithium battery is the most appropriate choice. Under ideal circumstances, this battery can travel between 60 and 75 kilometers between charges at a speed of 25 km/h. 

The best e-bike batteries are lithium-ion ones because they are highly durable and quick to charge. Lithium-ion batteries can be use to power any type of electric scooter. The manufacturer offers a two + one-year warranty on this electric scooter battery. 

Long View is capable of providing the bulk supply of lithium battery for e-bikes lasts for four to five years, making them an excellent bargain. We offer wholesale scooter batteries at the best price and quality.

Best 48v 30Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery

Wholesale 48v 30Ah electric scooter lithium battery can detect and display the total voltage, total current, and reserve power of the lithium-ion battery pack. It can also analyze the voltage of any single cell and the temperature of the battery box.

  • In addition, it is capable of working with the highest and lowest single cell voltage and cell number. The highest and lowest temperature, and the charge and discharge amount of the battery pack. 
  • The Lithium-ion battery management system consists of the management host (CPU), voltage and temperature collection module. Current collection module, and communication interface module.
  • An alarm and control output interface for over-voltage, under-voltage, high temperature, low temperature, over-current, short circuit, and other limit conditions is also provided by the lithium-ion battery host. 

The Li-ion battery management system’s entire information can be read directly onto a computer via RS232 and CAN bus interfaces. This is why our wholesale electric scooter bikes perform well for longer hours. 

Use Electric Scooter Lithium Battery in Bulk

Unlike 72v 105Ah electric vehicle lithium battery collection, 48V lithium batteries are useful in a wide range of applications, including data center backup power supplies, telecommunication batteries, and household energy storage systems. It is perfect to use for e-bikes, solar applications, e-scooters, robots, and other applications for a higher energy density battery. 

  • Electric Scooter: This kind of battery is most typically used in electric scooters. It’s perfect for cruising around town or commuting because of its extended range and power output.
  • E-bikes: 48v batteries can also be used in certain electric bikes. For riders looking for a little bit more power or range than what a 36v battery can usually provide, this can be a decent option.
  • Electric skateboards: 48-volt batteries are now being use in some electric skateboards. This can provide these well-liked electric cars a noticeable increase in power and range.
  • DIY electric vehicles: For creative minds and buyers, you can power an electric go-kart or small bike with a 48v 30Ah lithium battery.

Purchase Lithium Battery in Bulk – Long View

Long View is a worldwide supplier of lithium batteries. Our 48V lithium-ion batteries can be classified as lithium titanate, lithium iron phosphate, or ternary lithium batteries. Not only are these batteries top-grade, but they also provide exceptional results. 

A Li-ion battery is typically around 30% smaller than a lead-acid battery of the same capacity since its volume energy density is roughly 1.5 times greater. Power, performance, and sustainability are all combined to satisfy the rising demand for electric mobility options. 

This battery is design to meet the needs of business-to-business clients worldwide and offers dependable, extended-life power for electric scooters.  Businesses may embrace sustainable mobility in the future and help create a cleaner, greener environment by selecting this battery. See the difference with additional items like 48v 15Ah electric scooter lithium battery for electric vehicles.


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