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Founded 2017, Long View Technology has been concentrated on powering the Green Way of Transportation. Facing the global rapid growing of None-Carbon Transportation, Long View Technology entered the field as the professional supplier of long life and high quality battery. The business started with Lead Acid Battery with Primary Lead Plates, which greatly ensure the stability of quality and longer life. After several years of development, we still stick to the principle of using Primary Lead even though there is recycled lead material for options. As the current best solution for capacity density, Lithium-ion Battery has become the most important power solution globally. We have gained our market position by offering Lithium-ion Battery Pack Solution with EV-Level Cells. All the battery cells have acquired UN38.3 and MSDS Certificates. Besides the stable quality, the more important issue for the low speed electrical vehicles would be the match work of the motor, controller and the battery, especially in the process of switching the power system from Lead-Acid Battery to Lithium-ion Battery.

Through the past years, we have solved such problems by participating the Forward Developing with the EV manufacturers. We have experimental cooperation with Yadea, Tailg and Aima, etc.. Now we offer complete solution including electrical motor, controller and the battery. Our product range covers all kinds of SLA batteries (AGM, GEL, AGM-GEL, Pb-C), rechargeable Li-ion battery and flooded battery used for motive (Electrical bicycle/Tricycle, EV, HEV, forklift, electrical tools/toys, etc.), renewable energy storage (solar, wind etc.), reserve (telecom, UPS, emergency lighting, security system etc.) and motorcycle contact us.

Besides, we offer One-Stop Solution for those who wants to establish his/her own battery brand in the market. We can help build up Full/Semi Battery Production Line according to the workshop layout. Also, we could offer full-set of raw materials for production.

We are ready to be your most reliable and faithful business partner.

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