72V-105AH Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery


Wholesale 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery

The lithium-ion 72V 105Ah electric vehicle battery is a potent and adaptable energy storage device with many uses in electric cars (EVs). The battery delivers improved performance and a longer driving range thanks to its high voltage and capacity.

Long-lasting Wholesale 72v 105Ah electric vehicle lithium battery has a built-in golf cart battery system. The batteries are made specifically to swap out lead-acid batteries and are simple to install in EZ-GO and Club Car vehicles. The 72V 105Ah lithium-ion electric vehicle battery demonstrates its performance and versatility, revolutionizing the EV sector and advancing a greener, more sustainable future.

 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Long-view batteries have exceptional chemical and thermal stability and several safety features. Also, our batteries like 48V-15AH electric vehicle li-ion battery have protection against excessive charging, over-discharging, heating up, and short circuits. This Lithium iron phosphate has a single nominal voltage of 3.2V and a voltage range of 2.8–3.6V. It has the qualities of safety, high stability, difficulty burning, high energy density, and good performance at high and low temperatures.

It is highly durable and reliable, and the charger output contains information on the battery voltage range. The nominal voltage range of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 2.8 to 3.6 V. Hence the battery voltage range used in applications involving series batteries is 2.8 and 3.6, respectively. This LFP battery pack has a protocol for internal CAN communication with BMS battery pack management. Also, it has set up the MSD Module for upkeep and security protection. Its interoperability with renewable energy sources like solar panels allows for self-sustaining EV charging stations to be built.

72v-105Ah Li-ion Battery

Product Specifications:

  •       Dimension: L820mm*W297mm*H255mm
  •       Net Weight: 68kg
  •       Package Material: Steel Sheet Box Lids
  •       Nominal Voltage: 76.8V
  •       Nominal Capacity: 105Ah
  •       Configuration: 24S7P
  •       Communication: 485/CAN

Get The Best-Selling 72v Lithium-Ion Batteries For Best Use

Long-view batteries are highly versatile and durable. Our wholesale 72v 105Ah electric vehicle lithium battery  battery is a key element in electric vehicles (EVs), providing dependable power for different vehicle types. It is ideal for electric automobiles, motorbikes, scooters, and boats. Its high voltage makes energy transmission efficient, which enhances acceleration and overall vehicle performance.

Additionally, the 105Ah battery’s huge capacity allows for longer driving distances, which minimizes the need for frequent recharge. It makes the battery perfect for long commutes, interstate travel, and business uses like delivery services and taxis that require continuous operation. By reducing dependency on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions, the 72V 105Ah lithium battery also contributes to a greener and more environmentally friendly transportation ecosystem.

This battery is also appropriate for energy storage outside EVs due to its high voltage and capacity. It is compatible with renewable energy sources and offers effective power storage for domestic or industrial use.

Wholesale 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Supplier

Long View offers battery pack technology spanning from low voltage 48-144V to high voltage 320-540V series, customizing battery packs with various needs. It has built robust supply chain processes and a high-end product portfolio with competitive pricing. Plus, we have years of experience with the best quality products and combined experience in the dynamic electric vehicle business. Thus, we provide a premium quality Wholesale 72v 105Ah electric vehicle lithium battery at competitive pricing. 

We constantly practice and think following the shift in our circumstances as we mature. Also, we strive to attain a richer state of mind and body and a better quality of life. The focus on client demand is the source of a company’s existence and development. Quality is the factory’s life. So, we value honesty and a sincere work ethic and eagerly await your arrival!


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