72V-105AH Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery


Wholesale 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery

Looking for a lithium battery in bulk? Long View has the best Wholesale 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery collection. With 105AH cells, unlike others who have switched to cheaper storage 100AH cells that are not designed for EV use. This causes reduced range and shorter battery life.

Our batteries have hi-performance battery management system. These batteries are designed to work hi-performance vehicles and with regenerative braking systems. For a plenty of applications 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery works efficiently.

Purchase 60v 60Ah electric motorcycle lithium battery and other options at reasonable and bulk rates. Our international buyers are always ready to assist. 

Quality Features of 72v 105Ah Battery for E-bikes

Bluetooth technology and a user-friendly mobile app gain easy access to State-of-Charge, cell voltage, cycles, and much more. This also includes a robust OEM dashboard to allow off-site maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Innovative sleep mode: Eliminates the risk of over-discharge if a customer leaves a headlight or other accessories on. When paired with a motor, controller, and accessories, it eliminates the risk of over discharge and protects the customer’s investment.
  • Integrated active balancer: Balances cells 80X faster than batteries depending on just the BMS. Our active balancer ensures cells are fully balanced when charging and discharging. This will extend the life of the battery and ensure a consistent state of charge because every cell is at the same voltage.
  • Thick steel case: The structural integrity of the battery’s casing is designed to prevent any potential for dents or punctures. The thicker steel walls not only ensure physical resilience but also promote optimal heat dissipation, contributing to the battery’s overall efficiency and performance.
  • Fire suppression technology (FST): In the event of excessive heat or a fire near the battery, discharges a proprietary chemical mixture, enveloping the interior of the battery. This process eliminates oxygen within the Alkaline batteries case to provide a shield from external threats.

Look for Bulk Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Providers

It can be difficult to find a 72v 105Ah lithium battery that is affordable for an electric vehicle (EV). Although they have several benefits over conventional lead-acid batteries, they may be more expensive initially. 

To make a cost-effective choice, take into account the following factors: seeking out trustworthy producers with an emphasis on EV batteries; these businesses could have more affordable costs and often concentrate on economies of scale.

Think about purchasing straight from the supplier. Reseller markups can be avoided, potentially saving money. Watch out for incredibly low-cost batteries. These might be made of inferior materials, have shorter lifespans, or raise safety issues. Purchase quality lithium batteries from Long View; we are sure to sell the best-grade batteries for electric vehicles. Don’t delay; purchase Wholesale 60v 60Ah electric motor cycle lithium battery right away!

72v-105Ah Li-ion Battery

Product Specifications:

  •       Dimension: L820mm*W297mm*H255mm
  •       Net Weight: 68kg
  •       Package Material: Steel Sheet Box Lids
  •       Nominal Voltage: 76.8V
  •       Nominal Capacity: 105Ah
  •       Configuration: 24S7P
  •       Communication: 485/CAN

Get The Best-Selling 72v Lithium-Ion Batteries For Best Use

Long-view batteries are highly versatile and durable. Our wholesale 72v 105Ah electric vehicle lithium battery  battery is a key element in electric vehicles (EVs), providing dependable power for different vehicle types. It is ideal for electric automobiles, motorbikes, scooters, and boats. Its high voltage makes energy transmission efficient, which enhances acceleration and overall vehicle performance.

The 105Ah battery’s huge capacity allows for longer driving distances, which minimizes the need for frequent recharge. It makes the battery perfect for long commutes, interstate travel, and business uses like delivery services and taxis that require continuous operation. By reducing dependency on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions, the 72V 105Ah lithium battery also contributes to a greener and more environmentally friendly transportation ecosystem.

This battery is also appropriate for energy storage outside EVs due to its high voltage and capacity. It is compatible with renewable energy sources and offers effective power storage for domestic or industrial use.

Purchase Wholesale Cheap 72v 105Ah Lithium Battery

Our affordable lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are the most affordable, stable, and safest choice for electric vehicles. They might also be less expensive than other lithium chemical combinations.

Moreover, if a battery fails unexpectedly, a decent warranty will shield its cost and provide a long-lasting usage for years. Before making a purchase, check out the batteries and seller’s customer testimonials. This can help your company recognize any issues.

Our wholesale 72v 105Ah electric vehicle lithium battery ensures efficient and timely fixes for optimal customer experience. This will make it the best purchase!


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