How To Charge an Electric Vehicle Using A 48v 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery?

48v 15Ah Charge an Electric Vehicle out side from home

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If you have charge an electric vehicle, it is important to charge it properly to preserve its longevity and functionality. Just as you would fill up your car at the gas station, you must fill up your vehicle at the outlet. There are two battery alternatives for the e-bikes a 48v 15ah battery for the CORE and a 48v 21ah battery for the AWD 3, each with distinct capacities and charge durations.

In this article, we will discuss how you can charge an electric vehicle properly in order to take the best advantage of it. 

5 Correct and Best Practices of Charge an Electric Vehicle

1. Turn Off the Battery Before Charging

When you plan to charge your e-bike, you must turn off the battery before charging. It doesn’t only protect the battery from any harm, but it also conserves energy. Also, it allows your battery to charge somewhat faster.

2. Charge The Battery at Room Temperature

You must charge the battery at room temperature for best performance, as extreme temperatures can destroy the charging efficiency of a battery as well as its durability. 

If you buy a Wholesale 48v 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery, it has a durable external coating to protect them from extreme weather conditions. However, it is always best to try to stick to this, when possible, for the health and longevity of your battery.

3. Charge The Battery on A Regular Basis

This keeps the battery in good condition and keeps it from becoming weak with time. Moreover, you shouldn’t leave your car hanging out for too long, and the same goes for your e-bike.  

4. Charge The Battery to Its Maximum Capacity

When you charge the battery to its maximum capacity, it is a good practice for maintaining its longevity and performance. Moreover, the fully charged battery will also deliver more power and range.

5. Charge The Battery Either in Or Out of The Bike

With Long View, you have the option of charging the battery while it is in or out of the bike. Because of this versatility, you can charge the battery in the most comfortable way for you.

Make Sure to Turn Off the Battery When Plugging into Or Out of The Bike

Turn off the battery when removing or plugging the battery into the bike. It allows the energy to pass through the connection ports while plugging in. Also, removing it will result in port deterioration and impact the health and range of your battery.

If you do this on a regular basis, your vehicle’s ports may break and require replacement. Always Keep an eye on the charging process to ensure that it is functioning properly. If you feel any inconvenience, stop charging immediately and contact a technician.

The Charger’s Light Serves as An Indicator

When you connect the charger, and the LED remains red, it implies you still need more charge time. When there is full charging, the charger light will turn green. 

Do Not Overcharge

Although over charge an electric vehicle batteries is not harmful to their health, it will have an effect and cause degeneration over time. To protect the health of your battery as well as possible, unplug the charger when you discover it is full. Try not to leave it plugged in overnight or for several days.

The electric scooter lithium battery 72v 105Ah normally takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. However, the 48v 21ah battery may take somewhat longer, around 5-6 hours. These charging periods may vary based on the charger’s power output and other factors. Moreover, it also supplies a 5A Supercharger, which reduces charging time by half for all models. 

What is The Differences Between 48v and 52v Battery

The term “Voltage” that we denote with “V” stands for battery voltage, which is the rate at which energy comes out from an effective source. In simple words, the higher the voltage, the greater the energy and the longer the battery life.

Suppose you compare it to the typically visible 48V 15Ah battery, which can sustain a range of up to 40 miles on a full charge. A 52V 15Ah battery can cover a range of 33 to 55 miles. 

The following are the main differences between 48V and 52V batteries: 


The primary objective of sensible minds is the budget cost. Also, the ultimate purpose of purchasing is to make the most use of every penny while spending the least amount of money. Therefore, it will not be a bad idea to browse around for the best deal on an EV battery. 

Higher voltage usually results in more power. This clearly means that the battery is heavy, yet a heavier battery has superior stability performance. As a result, higher-voltage batteries are slightly more expensive. A 52V battery is theoretically more expensive than a 48V battery.

The majority of electronic bikes on the market now cost around 2,000 US dollars and consist of a 48V 30Ah battery. If we take this as an average, having an electric scooter with a more powerful battery for 2,000 dollars or a 48V 15Ah battery for less than 2,000 dollars would be a huge value.

Fortunately, if you have a battery that is more powerful than the average and costs less than 2,000 dollars, it is a wonderful deal.

Capacity for Climbing and Speed

Battery power, being the source of electricity, determines charge an electric vehicle’s cycling speed and hill climbing performance. Let’s ignore all the small aspects that can affect EV performance, such as temperature, cyclist weight, and topography. 

A 48V 15Ah battery typically generates 500 watts, while a 52V 15Ah battery generates around 750 watts. It indicates that a 52V battery is a good choice for a bike traveling over mountainous or unclear terrain. On the other hand, a 48V battery is adequate for commuters living in flat territory with heavy traffic. 


Following all the charging best practices that we have just discussed above will assist in extending the life of your e-bike battery, increase its performance, and offer you a better riding experience. Long View offers a variety of high-quality e-bike batteries with varying capacities and charge durations. These battery options allow you to select the one that best meets your needs.

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