27Ah LFP Cell

This cell is EV level Lithium iron phosphate battery cell with remarkable performance such as High Energy Density, Perfect Charging/Discharging Capability, Long Life Cycle and Outstanding Safety, etc. Compact size and high energy density It is an ideal option for Battery Pack of Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Two-Wheeler, Three-Wheeler and Low Speed. Four-Wheeler.


1.Size: W21xL100xH144mm
2.Weight: 605g±18g
3.Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
4.AC Internal Resistance: 0.9 mΩ±0.3 mΩ
5.DC Internal Resistance: ≤0.3 mΩ
6.Rated Capacity: 27Ah (1C/1C, @ 25℃)
7.Working Voltage: 2.0V~3.65V
8.Energy Density: 140wh/kg (@0.33C Discharging Rate, 25℃)
9.Latitude: ≤5000m
Charging performance:

Discharging performance:

Life Cycle: