72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery – Why Choose Lithium Batteries?

Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery in Factory

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A battery serves as the energy storage system in electric vehicles. For this reason, the type of battery can vary depending on the vehicle type. It may be all-electric (AEV) or plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV). Moreover, the current battery technology has a unique design for extended life, i.e., it can typically 72v 105Ah electric vehicle battery last eight years or travel 100,000 miles. Also, some batteries can last for 12 to 15 years in moderate climates. They may extend from eight to 12 years in places where the climate is extreme. 

In general, there are four main kinds of batteries that you can use in electric cars: lead-acid, lithium-ion, ultracapacitors, and nickel-metal hydride. Let’s see how lithium-ion batteries work efficiently for your vehicle. 

Lithium-Ion Batteries Types in Used Electric Vehicle

The most common type of battery you can find in electric cars is the lithium-ion battery. This kind of battery may sound familiar as these batteries are also common in most portable electronics, including cell phones and computers. 

Also, these batteries have higher efficiency, high power-to-weight ratio, and good high-temperature performance. In practice, this means that the batteries have the ability to generate enough energy for their weight.

This attribute is critical for electric vehicles because less weight allows the vehicle to drive further on a single charge. Lithium-ion batteries have a low “self-discharge” rate as well. This means that they are better than other types of batteries as they can maintain the ability to hold a full charge over time.

In addition, most lithium-ion battery parts are recyclable, which makes these batteries a good choice for the environmentally conscious. You can use this e-bike battery manufacturers in china in both electric vehicles and PHEVs. Although, the exact chemistry of these batteries varies from those found in consumer electronics.

How Do Electric Car Battery’s Function?

An electric traction motor replaces the internal combustion engine used in gasoline-powered vehicles in all-electric automobiles. AEVs use a traction battery pack, which might be a lithium-ion battery, to store the electricity generated by the motor and move the wheels of the vehicle. 

The traction battery pack is the component of the vehicle that needs to be plugged in when charging, and its efficiency contributes to the entire range of the vehicle.

In normal plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the traction battery pack, similar to an AEV, powers the electric traction motor. The key distinction is that the battery also includes a combustion engine. 

Moreover, PHEVs run on electric power until it depletes the battery and then switches over to fuel which powers an internal combustion engine. You can even charge the battery, usually lithium-ion, by being plugged in. It is possible either by regenerative braking or by employing an internal combustion engine. The mix of battery and fuel offers PHEVs a greater range than all-electric vehicles.

Why 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Is Beneficial? 

Zero Maintenance

You don’t have to regularly check for corrosion and low water levels. Lithium 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle batteries don’t require any maintenance. Also, they offer a high resistance to corrosion. 

8-10 Year Lifespan

 These lithium 72v 105Ah batteries can easily last up to ten years with typical use. Most lead acid batteries have a 3–5-year lifespan, a limited range, and performance that diminishes with time.

5x Lighter

 Our lithium battery replaces all of your other batteries. Moreover, it] is 5x LIGHTER with 2x the run time. It gives out a 3x smaller footprint. This means less weight, which equals more range and power. 

More Power, More Fun

Not only does this battery significantly reduce the weight of your vehicle, but it also provides more volts for longer. On the other hand, lead acid batteries experience substantial voltage, i.e., you may call it power loss as their total charge declines. 

This means as the charging of your car batteries gets low, the top speed and power drop. With 72v 105Ah advanced lithium batteries, you get more power for longer. 

3.5hr Charge Time

 Your average battery pack takes around 9+ hours to fully charge. Meanwhile, a high-quality lithium battery can fully recharge in about 3.5 hours with the addition of a charger.

1% Monthly Discharge

A typical lead acid battery discharges between 5 and 15% each month. Simultaneously, these 72v 105Ah lithium batteries deplete at a rate of 1% each month. With such a low discharge rate, you can leave your vehicle plugged in for extended periods of time. 

This method can operate without entirely exhausting your battery. This means that your vehicle will be fine in storage during the off-season! 

BMS (Battery Management System) Advanced

 Unlike many other golf cart lithium batteries, ours are specifically engineered for high-amperage golf cart applications. So, when you need power and speed, our battery will provide it.

Multiple Year Warranty

If you buy quality batteries from Long View, the company stands behind the products. All Lithium-ion batteries come with a limited 8-year warranty.

At Your Door in No Time

You can have these lithium batteries instantly to your door by the freight partners, Wholesale 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery providers are reliable, quick, and secure.


One of the most dreadful situations a motorist may have been to run out of power before they reach their destination. With these quality commercial 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Batteries, you can expect a farther distance. 

Also, you can have a quick recharge with the rapid charger. You may get benefits for years and save your money. Don’t buy random low-quality batteries when you can buy a top-notch battery option from Long View. 

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