Top 10 China Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers And Suppliers In 2024

China Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers & Suppliers

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The value and price of china lithium-ion battery are in lime light these days, and it has soared to $77000 per tonne. As people become more aware of climate change, countries are looking for alternative energy sources. 

They are looking for options that are less detrimental to the environment. As a result, the rapid expansion in electric car production is also raising the demand for advanced lithium-ion batteries.

Moreover, the fast expansion of alternative UPS storage and fuel cars is also increasing the market need for lithium batteries. At the same time, many of the popular companies are volunteering for lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

Best and Top China Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers And Suppliers List

China lithium-ion battery is the most popular and most selling batteries in the world therefore, China is the leading manufacturer on the globe offering renewable energy alternatives here is the top companies list.

1.   Long View

Long View has been one of the most popular and prominent lithium-ion battery suppliers. Nothing is more important than the electrical equipment’s stability. Their manufacturers emphasize Charge and Discharge capability, structure stability, and environmental resistance. 

They are an affordable China Ebike lithium battery supplier and manufacturer. Before shipments around the globe, they thoroughly check everything to ensure quality. Check out their best electric scooter lithium battery list in factory 72v-105Ah, 48v-30Ah, 48v-15Ah and more.

Long-View Perspective China Ebike lithium battery supplier and manufacturer is quickly becoming a global provider of premium electric bike batteries. These batteries provide consistent Power and have a greater operational range. Through continual research and development, China has considerably increased battery efficiency, longevity, and safety features.

2.   Tritek’s

Tritek provides a diverse selection of power solutions for lithium-ion batteries for both commercial and residential applications. The company’s professionals have 15 years of experience in the design and research, and development of advanced lithium-ion batteries.

Custom lithium battery packs are available for light electric vehicles such as e-bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles, electric mountain bikes, freight bikes, and so on. 

3. BYD 

BYD Co., Ltd. came back in 1995 and is active in three major industries: advanced energy, cars, and information technology.

It is one of the world’s most dependable manufacturers of lithium and nickel-cadmium batteries. BYD’s lithium batteries for cell phones are common. They also supply lithium-ion batteries to mobile phone manufacturers such as Motorola and Huawei. BYD’s major product these days is the lithium-iron-phosphate battery.


CATL Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It offers solutions for energy storage in green energy applications. The company manufactures china lithium-ion battery modules for electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and other uses. 

Moreover, they provide electric/hybrid car powertrains, smart grid energy storage, large-scale grid energy storage, distributed household energy storage, and battery management systems (BMS).


GOTION has produced lithium-ion batteries and related components from the ground up since 2006. BMS systems, power battery packs, lithium iron phosphate batteries, cells, and energy storage battery packs are their main products.

With an ECE R100 permit, GOTION is testing the renewable energy batteries of cars in domestic terms. They are also working in the European market and supplying lithium-ion batteries at affordable pricing. By the end of 2025, GOTION High-tech hopes to have developed high-power 300 GWh batteries.


One of the prominent technological manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries is CALB. They offer innovation in BMS, storage solutions, and battery materials for lithium. The firm also creates special and general car solutions for commercial and personal use. They fulfill the special application requirements and work out the energy storage management. 

CALB currently operates six industrial locations in China and owns the “China Aviation Lithium Institute” It is an autonomous research and development organization. CALB intends to boost its annual output capacity to 500 GWh by 2025.

7. EVE 

In China, EVE is the fifth-largest producer of high-capacity lithium batteries. The company is popular for producing high-energy lithium batteries for commercial and residential use.

Moreover, along with standard lithium-ion batteries, EVE has a sizable market share in lithium/manganese dioxide, lithium/sulfuryl chloride, and lithium/iron disulfide batteries.

  • People who have small transportation, security, data communication, and car smart meters use EVE lithium-ion batteries widely. 
  • Eve is working hard to establish a large production unit for 4680 and 4695 batteries for next-generation electric vehicles.

8. REPT 

REPT Co Ltd. has been working in the market since 2017 to offer sustainable energy solutions. The company solely focuses on high-quality solutions for next-generation electric vehicles and intelligent electric energy storage systems.

REPT’s primary focus is on manufacturing, developing, and distributing high-power lithium-ion batteries for solo and system applications. Moreover, their major battery types are iron-lithium batteries with square aluminum shells.

9. Great Power

Great Power began operations as one of China’s leading OEM & ODM lithium battery manufacturers in 2001. You can use their batteries in consumer electronics such as tablets, TWS earbuds, loT, E-cigarettes, Bluetooth devices, and so on. 

Moreover, Great Power batteries are fantastic energy options for both commercial and passenger cars. The firm is now investigating the potential to build new and efficient manufacturing batteries and ESS (energy storage systems). It is in accordance with worldwide safety requirements and high standards.

10. Lishen Battery

Lishen Battery Co Ltd, a well-known Chinese lithium battery manufacturer in B2b power solution, since 1997. The company provides comprehensive power solutions to residential and business customers. 

Also, they focus on power solutions for EVs and energy storage systems. Supercapacitors, power, and polymer lithium batteries, rectangular and circular batteries, and photovoltaic systems are the six series of Lishen battery products. They also have a functional production capacity of 1Gwh and mostly serve vehicle manufacturers.


These were some of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of China Lithium-Ion Battery. If you are new here or in the market, you may go with 60v 60ah Electric Motor Cycle Lithium Battery. It is affordable and effective for your electric vehicles. 

Long View has been the best in terms of affordability, quality, and authenticity. Therefore, if you are an electric bike or car dealer, you may contact us for more information. We offer wholesale purchasing of lithium-ion batteries. 

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