LS10201 Home Spinning Bike

1.Resistance: Wool Felt Resistance, Pressing for Emergency

2.Handle Bar: High Density Foam Coating

3.Coating: High Gloss Static Powder Coating

4.Power Transmission: Durable Chain Transmission, Two Way motion

5.Axis: High Grade Sealed Bearing, Dia. 20mm

6.Crank: Home Use Grade; 3pcs    

7.Pedal: Home Use Pedal With Safety Strap

8.Flywheel: 10kg, Chromed

9.Monitor Readouts: Speed,calories,distance and time

10.Handle Bar Vertically Adjustable; Seat Vertically and Horizontally Adjustable

12.Assembles Size: 1270*510*1120mm

13.With Transportation Wheels on Front Stabilizer for Easy Movement