Commercial Rowing Machine

  • 1.Combined  air-magnetic system load. Big fan combined with a magnetic load flywheel creates the sound effect of motion on the water as well as ultimately approaches to the natural dynamics of the movement;

  • 2.Adjustable height and incline angle of the control console;

  • 3.Padded handles for comfort of users;

  • 4.Large comfortable polyurethane anatomical sport seat;

  • 5.Adjustable foot rests with soft damping soles and wide comfort straps;

  • 6.16 levels of adjustment of the load;

  • 7.Large 4-color LCD display with pleasant blue backlight;

  • 8.Compact folding machine;

  • 9.The console is powered with adapter;

  • 10.A software module has 22 preset training programs, including 12 preset training programs, four user mode, 4 heart rate dependantm, 1 manual mode, 1 Watt-control;

  • 11.The hand pulse sensors are located on the ergonomically designed handlebars + telemetry is compatible with Polar chest sensor. The internal digital system pulse has high noise immunity.