THES512104 Household Energy Storage

THES512104 Houshold Energy Storage

1.High Security: Specific module support with high structural reliability and high electrical safety; Customized and developed PCB acquisition scheme, fully automatic laser welding ensures circuit stability and electrical safety; BMS CAN/RS485 (Optional) communication offers accurate SOC display.
2.High Energy Density: Lithium iron phosphate battery cell with high energy density and small size, provides large endurance, safe performance, and service life of 3-5 years.
3.Low temperature resistance: It can be charged at 0℃ and discharged at – 10℃ ;
4.High temperature resistance: Normal charging and discharging at 55℃.


Dimension: L670*W350*H196 mm
Net Weight: 46kg
Package Material: Steel
Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
Nominal Capacity: 104Ah
Configuration: 20S4P
Communication: CAN/RS485

Short Description:
THES512104 is a lithium iron phosphate power battery system (including BMS and high voltage control circuit). The battery system is composed of 16PCS of CB56-104Ah prismatic aluminum shell cells. The system is suitable for load equipment with continuous operating current not greater than 75A, with the characteristics of high specific energy, long life, safe and reliable, wide service temperature range,etc, it is an ideal green power supply product.


THES512104 Household Energy Storage Dependable Energy Storage Option

The secret to a continuous power source for your house is THES512104 Household Energy Storage. This energy storage system was created with dependability in mind, making sure that your home is always powered on, even in the event of unplanned power outages and also restore a dead battery. THES512104’s sophisticated technology and sturdy build mean you can rely on it to keep your gadgets and lights on when you need them most.

Ecological and Economical

Use THES512104 to become a part of the sustainable movement. Using clean, renewable energy not only lowers your carbon footprint but also lowers your long-term electricity costs. This energy storage solution gives you an affordable method to power your house and help create a more environmentally friendly future for future generations. Its extended lifespan and low maintenance requirements make it an excellent choice.


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