72v-105Ah Li-ion Battery

Product Specifications:

  •       Dimension: 157mm*181mm*285mm
  •       Net Weight: 12kg
  •       Package Material: Aluminum Alloy Shrouds with ABS Lids
  •       Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
  •       Nominal Capacity: 30Ah
  •       Configuration: 16S2P
  •       Communication: 485/CAN


Wholesale 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery

Long View Technology offers wholesale 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery stocks at affordable rates. Are you an electric bike or small EV owner or running a business for electric scooters? Using our durable 72v 105Ah electric vehicle batteries will enhance your bike’s performance.

We have durable lithium-ion motorcycle batteries, and these wholesale electric batteries work best for a variety of electric bikes and scooters. This Aluminum Alloy shroud with ABS Lids battery is 12kg in weight which gives out 72V and 105Ah power.

If you’re an electric car manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor, you may buy our products that helped Long View Technology build a strong reputation since all our electric batteries bring us hundreds of returning customers worldwide.

We offer Lithium Batteries in bulk quantities. All our electric battery collections help you replace the 99.9% of lead acid motorcycle batteries that are currently supplied worldwide. You may buy thousands of Li-ion batteries every year. Using these batteries, your electric bikes are in a safe system, which makes them adaptable, easy to install and have a high capacity.

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You may use our lithium-ion batteries for electric automobiles, motorcycles, and golf carts frequently. Long View Technology is currently among the most trustworthy rechargeable batteries on the market. Our wholesale 72v 105Ah Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery provides a cost-effective, long-lasting battery solution. The battery in this electric scooter lasts longer than most other devices.

It provides the standard voltage and capacity needed for your electric bike to operate well. We make sure that our selection of 72v & 105ah batteries are also, more compact and lightweight. Additionally, it provides excellent charging acceptance and quick charging. It is necessary for all E-bike applications to have a high power output, a wide range of capabilities, and a long lifespan.

Our 72v 105Ah Lithium Battery Factory creates environmentally friendly batteries that are not only inexpensive but also safe. They are ideal for your electric scooter because they are non-toxic, do not pollute, contain no rare metal, etc. We have a large batch of bulk electric bike batteries 72v 105ah at an affordable price available for immediate purchase. You can get our FREE quote today.