48v 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery

Dimension: L180mm*W155mm*H265mm
Net Weight: 8.6kg
Package Material: ABS
Nominal Voltage: 48V
Nominal Capacity: 15Ah
Configuration: 16S2P
Communication: 485/CAN


Are you looking for a 48v 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery Manufacturer? We have affordable options for you! At Long View , we have reliable 48v 15Ah lithium batteries for your electric bikes. 

You might be an electric bike owner who needs a lithium battery with features like long life and high capacity. Then, we recommend buying a 48v 15Ah Ebike battery, which is suitable with motors rated between 200 and 1000 watts. Moreover, it has a standard current limit for steady discharge and time for charging.

The battery pack’s exterior shell is comprised of waterproof PVC that is also insulating, anti-corrosive, and wear-resistant.

Buy a Wholesale 48v 15Ah Electric Scooter Lithium Battery

Each 48v lithium battery has come with a passed quality control (QC) appearance and function test before our 48v 30ah Lithium Battery Manufacturers are shipped. The life expectancy of the Ebike battery is up to several years, and the charge cycle reaches several thousand times.

The Ebike battery will be delivered quickly from China to your destination directly. Our team has been producing Li-ion battery packs for the past few years. We ensure to never compromise the quality and our customer’s satisfaction while working in the field of lithium batteries.

Our Wholesale Cheap Electric Bike Battery 48v 15Ah is widely adaptable to a variety of brands of electric motorbikes and scooters.

 All our batteries consist of the safe valve to ensure the battery gas reaction. These lithium bulk batteries perform well for temperature changes.