12V100Ah Lead Acid Battery

1.Primary Lead: All batteries bear the plates made of Primary Lead, which gifts the battery with Longer Life, Higher Performance and More Stable Quality.
2.Valve-Regulated Battery with Gel Electrolyte features NO Acid Diffusing and Free of Maintenance, Corrosion and Pollution.
3.High Performance Above Industrial Standards: The consistent insist on Primary Lead Plate with higher costs bring consumers’ better experience in daily application. Longer mileage and less concern about the quality become the Free Advertisement for the products, which is also the basement for the business.
4.Application Scenario: Low Speed EV, Electric Forklift, Wheelchair, Lift Truck, Motor Home, Sweeper, Electric Cycle, E-Scooter, Electric Tricycle, Water Scooter, Snowmobile, etc.

Dimension: L330*W171*H216 mm
Net Weight: 32.2kg
Package Material: ABS UL94-HB
Nominal Voltage: 12V

Rated Capacity (@ 25℃)
10hr(23A Discharge Current): >115Ah
5h(42ADischarge Current): >105Ah
3h (66.6ADischarge Current): >100Ah
2h (92ADischarge Current): >91.8Ah
1h (176ADischarge Current): >88Ah
30min (300ADischarge Current): >75Ah
15min (500ADischarge Current): >62.5Ah

Operating Temp. Range
Discharge: -15℃~50℃
Charge: 0℃~40℃
Storage: -15℃~40℃
Optimum: 25℃±2℃

Capacity Effected Temp.
0℃: 87%
-15℃: 70%

Capacity vs Storage Time
3 Months: 90%
6 Months: 80%
9 Months: 63%


12V100Ah Lead Acid Rechargeable Batteries

The general purpose, semi-sealed 12V100AH calcium battery has a design life of up to 3-6 years in standby service. Because it uses specifically alloyed calcium-lead, there is very little “electrolyte decrease.” Consequently, if the charging mechanism continues to function without error, there is no need to add more distilled water. Inside are special liquid-gas separators that hold the electrolyte. In order to avoid a physical short circuit, these separators are also positioned between the positive and negative plates of a lead acid battery.


  • Hourly Amperage: 100 AH
  • 12V is the voltage.
  • Connector Type: Threaded Stud
  • Measurements: 240 by 320 by 175 mm
  • 22 kg in weight


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