Long View is here to offer a wide range of commercial rowing gym equipment exclusively designed for commercial use. It combined air-magnetic system load. Big fan with a magnetic load flywheel creates the sound effect of motion on the water as well as ultimately approaches to the natural dynamics of the movement.

With us you can expect to get the stylish finish, smooth operation and ultimate look and feel make them blend with other domestic equipment. Also, our commercial rowing machine is known for low noise, require no lubrication and have advanced features. One will be happy to get an adjustable fluid resistance system along with a monitoring system for a time, speed, calories, and distance as well as it got great training programs for better use. Purchase the best machine, install and go with high intensity and cardio exercises for ultimate results. Our hi-tech rowing machines are easy to use and they are suitable for all ages even best for the old people.

With us buy a perfect rowing machine, which is known for functional fitness furniture, designed just to offer you the best results. It is important to know that rowing machines primarily work best for the cardiovascular system, hence if you are looking for a great strength and power, definitely go with our strength-endurance machines. We will help you with smooth magnetic variable resistance machines will easily adjust the weight of the pull stroke to suit your preference. Our commercial rowing machines are a great addition to any office, home gym and help people with different aims, including- to lose weight, develop muscle strength, increase flexibility and improving endurance. We also offer the best machines contain transport wheels and can easily fold up for easy storage, making them a piece of lightweight fitness equipment for small spaces. With rowers to suit all budgets and spaces, we have the best options to choose from, hence browse and you're sure to find the right one for you.