L360 CrossFit Rig

F360 provides exciting experience to various fitness exercisers. Rather than various customized set-up, storage space, accessories and flooring, F360 provides much more than you can imagine. Our innovative concept makes the work-out more efficient. It is an integration that offers all kinds of training methods and helps realize the targets of work-out. It also can be customized according to customers’ demands. F360 is the new trend of fitness which can be necessary not only for the group training but also for PE lesson in the school.

User can design various training plans to realize the work-out targets via F360. F360 brings more than just work out, it provides a platform for communication, cooperation and interaction, which make work-out more efficient and diversified.

Training Functions:

1. Suspension Chin up

2. Rebounder

3. Boxing training

4. Step-up Platform

5. Cable Station

6. Dip handle

7. TRX training

8. Power pivot

9. Battle rope

Optional Accessories:

1. TRX sets;

2.Short handle;

3.Long handle;

4.DAP training belt;

5.Power pivot;

6.Weight plate;

7.Battle Rope;

8.Medicine ball;

9.Kettle bell;

10.Punching bag


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